19 April 2023   |   County Hall

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Get connected with the best in the industry at Attune! Hear from great storytellers, names you know, and those you’ll want to remember—industry-leaders sharing their stories of challenge and success.

Over the course of this full day event, we will feature how comms is partnering deep inside organizations to provide employees what they want—a great employee experience!

Wednesday, 19 April 2023

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David’s keynote will focus on inclusive leadership – exploring how leaders can harness key skills to build and shape healthy cultures, whilst also creating high performing and safe workplaces. More than just buzzwords, these are themes integral to the future of work and the optimal employee experience.

David McQueen
International Speaker

Join Nicole Alvino, CEO of Firstup, as she kicks off Attune London, sharing her insights on transitioning from our current maladaptive and disjointed ways to better-connected, more personalised, and intelligent communication.

Nicole Alvino

‘A moth to a flame’ is what you should be aiming to avoid when telling your ESG story. This one-hour interactive workshop will equip you to do just that. Be prepared for your palms to sweat, your eyes to blink faster and your heart to skip a beat because that’s what a great ESG story should leave you feeling. You will enter the room with an Internal Communicator mindset but will leave thinking like a marketer and a CEO.

Gihan Hyde

Creativity is a vital skill for communicators as organisations strive to find more interesting, impactful approaches to communicate. This fast paced and fun but practical workshop will help you get a hold on your creativity and give you the ways to kick-start new ideas and maybe start a movement of innovative thinking. Many companies claim to be innovative, but they don’t always have what it takes to create a culture and environment that lets ideas and creativity thrive. We’ll explore how to do it.

Alan Oram
Alive With Ideas

Join this breakout session to hear Experian share its experience of implementing an engagement platform across a complex global organisation – and how this has helped drive people-focused communications that deliver real business results. Listen to how CEO buy-in, early collaboration with IT & HR, and the use of hard metrics worked to create one single connected organisation with a common purpose, at the same time as enabling regions to tell the story in their own way and providing opportunities for Experian’s global network to celebrate their own individual cultures.

Marilia Silverman
Helen Ure

Making the CIO your partner can be the key to unlocking all the moments that matter for your employees, whether rotas, payslips, policies or anything else they need. Join Dave Lynch, Group CIO at Swissport and our CEO, Nicole Alvino as they discuss their experiences of building relationships for success.

Nicole Alvino
Dave Lynch

Last year the BBC celebrated its centenary – a major milestone for any organisation. But what did that look like for employees? In this session, get a peek behind the curtain and see how the company celebrated this milestone with employees. You’ll see examples of how Firstup’s intelligent comms platform gave employees a voice and how company milestones can deliver significant comms victories.

Deb Copeland

During this session Korn Ferry will share how it has successfully delivered and integrated its social engagement platform, ‘Connect’.

Learn how Korn Ferry use a combination of internal collaboration, extensive enablement, and continuous monitoring to ensure that the Connect platform has become the cornerstone of communications – and that employees are informed, engaged advocates of the business.

Magdalena Perier
Korn Ferry
Nalissa Bedford
Korn Ferry

Join your colleagues for a delicious lunch and engage in a roundtable discussion on a current hot topic of your choice related to employee engagement. Take a seat at a table and converse with like-minded professionals to exchange ideas and insights.


Businesses are dealing with a more complex and complicated workforce than ever before, and understanding the difference between the two is essential for effective employee engagement.

Communicators are the key to simplifying the challenges faced. This interactive session will encourage delegates to examine how they can be who they need to be in order to deepen the communications experience for business leaders.

Moving beyond the cliched role of ‘trusted advisor’, attendees will discover how they can raise their game when it comes to engaging multigenerational and diverse workforces – and how keeping things simple can be the most powerful tool.

Trudy Lewis

This interactive workshop will examine the interplay between channel strategy and employee engagement across frontline workers and desk-based workers. Meeting employees where they are, reaching them with the right messages at the right time, and understanding which channels are most effective are challenges organisations increasingly face today, following the permanent shift to hybrid work. With case studies and examples learn how to utilise the digital workplace and adopt a multi-channel approach to build a thriving culture and engaged workforce.

Sonya Poonian
Simply Communicate

How do you marry the employee experience with a digital platform, without losing the human touchpoints? At AGCO, Philippa has been doing just that. In this session, you’ll learn about her strategic vision and how it is being brought to life for employee onboarding through Firstup and the role automation has played in making it faster.

Philippa Weare

It’s no secret that launching and integrating a new communications platform can have its challenges, and when coupled with mergers and acquisitions, the road can be a little bumpy.

Listen to Borg Warner’s account of how it has embedded the platform across a decentralised organisation during a time of change, how this faciliated engagement and bridged gaps, and the lessons learnt.

Meike Pfefferkuchen
Borg Warner

Every organisation that employs people has an employer brand, whether they know it, nurture it, or not. It’s what makes people want to work for an organisation or drives them away, so it can’t be ignored. To diagnose your employer brand needs, you need a full company body scan.

Lindsey Hornby

Iron Mountain’s frontline workers, or ‘mountaineers’ are who its customers have most contact with. Hear how Iron Mountain stayed connected with them during the pandemic and beyond, and how these connections continue to evolve and strengthen.

Neil Jenkins
Iron Mountain

One of the most powerful aspects of your employee platform is how it connects your people to each other. In this session, Fiona will take you through how ICG teams are sharing their moments in areas such as events and volunteering, and how this is informing the company’s engagement strategy.

Fiona Laffan

Described as the Kate and Leo of internal comms (by at least one person), Rachel and Chuck bring their passion and leadership to Attune for this keynote.

Back in 2020, the duo created Spin the Wheel, the first-ever IC-themed game show, and are re-booting it on a Vegas scale for IC and HR professionals at Attune London.

Rachel Miller
All Things IC
Chuck Gose

What will the world of food look like going forward? How and what will we be eating, and what are chefs, retailers and the food industry working on now for our future selves? This sensory session focuses on the latest developments in the food industry, incorporating gastrophysics and gameplay to show what we might expect to see. From 3D printed food, to water sweets, sonic seasoning and much more, this is the first futurologist tasting on the market. Developed to be accessible to all (including vegan diets), this will be a highly inclusive, original experience.

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19 April 2023  |  County Hall
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