Needs an H1 Title


Brittany Barhite


Rey Bouknight


Kyla Shea

Crafting a Kick-ass Onboarding Program

We’ve all heard the corporate trends from the past few years – “hybrid and remote work is the future,” “go digital for the deskless employees” and “it’s the great resignation.” No matter what trend is happening within your organization, it is important to upgrade your onboarding program to enculture new hires and connect them with their fellow workers. Most people make the decision to stay within the first 90 days so having a kick-ass onboarding program is key to retention and engagement.

In this hands-on workshop, Firstup experts Brittany Barhite, Rey Bouknight and Kyla Shea will provide communication and onboarding strategies,tips, and hands-on exercises to help you enhance your onboarding program with an automatic and personalized virtual experience.

  • Understand the important role communicators play in onboarding
  • Gather examples of how automation and personalization are keys
  • Hear fresh ideas and examples to take back to your company
  • Bring your own company examples to the part and share best practices
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