Needs an H1 Title


Jason Anthoine

Farming vs. Hunting: How to Sell Your IC Strategies and Tactics

You’re a great internal comms pro. You have smart ideas. You know all the ways to reach every employee, no matter how challenging. You understand the links between EX and CX and business results. Even your pet looks at you with adoring eyes brimming full of pride and appreciation.

With all that wonderfulness, can you sell it? More specifically, can you convince your stakeholders to buy your ideas, strategies, and tactics without them feeling like they’re being sold? Can you make the leap from brilliant tactician to trusted advisor?

In this interactive workshop, Jason Antoine of Audacity will focus on exercises to help you:  

  • Differentiate between selling vs. influencing vs. advising vs. counseling
  • Reduce risk while proving reward
  • Frame challenges and solutions with creativity
  • Maintain patience while stakeholders who take so very long to join you at the conclusion!
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