Needs an H1 Title


Kristin Hancock

Get in Communicators, We’re Building Community

Long before the pandemic, employees have been seeking a sense of community, but what role do comms and HR play in building that community? As a manifestation of your company’s soul, if you want to build a community of employees who are engaged, fulfilled, and looking forward to another day at work, they need to feel like they belong. In this workshop, we’re creating a “Burn Book” of all the outdated practices that rub us the wrong way and no longer serve our profession so we CAN sit together.

Kristin Hancock of ICology will wear pink (because it’s Wednesday) and help us learn to:

  • Understand the important value communicators and HR leaders play in building community
  • Skip the mistakes companies make when creating a “community”
  • Discover simple tactics to build community at your workplace
  • Have fun!
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