Elle Winston concert part 2


Show opening concert

Elle Winston returns for her second set of the summit, engaging and energizing viewers for the first talk of the day.

Video Transcript

Hi guys, welcome back. We are excited to be here for day two. Joining you guys once again, my name is Elle Winston. We have Granville back with us on drums. We have Julian back on guitar. We are thrilled to be keeping the vibe going for you guys on day two, and also thrilled to be playing some new music. We hope you guys like it. This song is called Cake.


We hope you guys have had a wonderful, wonderful conference so far. Thank you for having us. Thank you to the team who’s put this whole thing together. It’s been amazing. Thank you to my band. We hope that you guys have a wonderful day today, a wonderful week ahead and definitely take care of each other. Our last two today is called Ain’t Buyin. We’ll see you soon.


Thank you guys.


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