Needs an H1 Title


Tiara Kesler


Hannah Reysen

The Road to One Million Clicks…and More!

Knowledge, empowerment, and trust are the goal and the currency for building a community of peers. The 3M employee advocacy program has demonstrated consistent growth over its three-year existence, registering over 7k global members and reaching an impressive one million clicks on shared content! In building strategy for the next growth phase, 3M is rolling out the next level of engagement tactics like quick polls, employee-generated content, a gamification playbook for their employee recognition platform, and integrations with their deskless worker application.

Join Tiara Kesler and Hannah Reysen on this journey to learn how they achieved that incredible level of external engagement, what they learned along the way and how 3M plans to drive further employee advocacy through social selling, global executive comms, and gamification.

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