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A superhero, a thinker, and a bestselling author set to headline the comms event of the year!

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What do an actor, the “Oprah of Management Thinkers,” and a New York Times bestselling author have in common? They all know how important communication is for success! Join these influencers for strategies on taking risks, unlocking the collective power of teams, creating authentic engagement, finding and building community, and increasing productivity.

Collaboration Expert & Bestselling Author

Erica Dhawan

Erica Dhawan is the world’s leading authority on 21st-century Collaboration and Connectional Intelligence. Named by Thinkers50 as the “Oprah of Management Thinkers,” Erica shares innovative strategies to unlock the collective power of teams, build a culture of trust across any distance and create authentic engagement to ensure competitiveness.

New York Times Bestselling Author

Jon Acuff

New York Times bestselling author Jon Acuff’s work is both critically acclaimed and adored by readers. Known for his insights wrapped in humor, Jon has helped some of the biggest brands tell their story. He’ll share how to create new ‘soundtracks’ that help you navigate change, increase productivity and win consistently!

Tony-Nominated Actress & Deaf Superhero

Lauren Ridloff

Lauren Ridloff began her meteoric rise as an actor just five years ago. While working on set as an ASL tutor on ‘Children of a Lesser God’ on Broadway, the director loved her so much he cast her. She then went on to make her TV debut on the AMC series, The Walking Dead, then starring as the first Deaf superhero in Marvel’s Eternals. Experience Lauren’s life story as a Deaf, Black and Latina woman—from taking risks and learning how to communicate, to finding her community, all from a place of love.

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