Building better comms through data


Paul Baltes

Beyond Big Dumb Numbers

MYTH: Our physicians aren’t consuming the content because there are no likes or comments.
FACT: The data shows physicians regularly listen, watch, and read the content; they just aren’t taking part in the conversation. 

MYTH: 85% of registered users saw the shared content, but it only got 11 likes, so it must suck eggs.
FACT: 228 clicked through to the article, there were 131 searches for more collateral on the same and related subjects, and the numbers and interaction on those pieces went up 30%, with most commenting on the video or podcast.


Data is nothing but big dumb numbers unless you dig deeper, analyze, and then focus on the outcomes you want.

Paul Baltes of Nebraska Medicine talks about going from a few sparse comments on a blog page to creating conversation and community through actual data that informs their communication strategy and practices.

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