Mini yoga session to energize mind, body, an spirti


Mini yoga session

As we near the end of the program, Kiara will guide us through one final practice using small movements to energize the mind, body, and spirit.

Video Transcript

Hey, everyone! Welcome to our final practice of the summit.

Go ahead and come to standing, if it’s accessible for you. We’ll be taking a breath work technique called Breath of Joy, which is a little bit more active, a little bit more energized.

So, if it’s accessible, come to stand, making sure that your feet are nice and rooted into the ground beneath you. We’ll find our tadasana pose, taking a full breath in, reaching the shoulders up by the ears, and exhaling to release them down, shining the palms forward.

Go ahead and take one more full breath in. Full breath out. And I’ll quickly demonstrate Breath of Joy, and feel free to join me when or if you’re ready.

You’ll take three full inhales, starting with the arms up. Inhaling up, inhaling out, and inhaling up again. Exhaling with a big “ha” sound, and folding forward. Inhale up, inhale out. Inhale up, exhale “ha”.

Last one, and we’ll stay in a nice forward fold, really relaxing the crown of the head, feeling into all sensations in the feet or in the fingers and hands. Then bending slightly into your knees, let’s slowly roll up to standing. Reaching those arms out to the sides and up, gathering the energy that surrounds you, and exhaling to bring it to heart center.

We’ll take one more full breath in. Thank you all so much for joining me. The light in me honors and recognizes the light in each and every one of you.


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