Mini yoga session for focus and concentration part 2


Mini yoga session

We’ll begin to wind down our day with our second yoga session, refocusing the mind to help us incorporate what we’ve already learned and direct our attention to what’s next.

Video Transcript

Hi, everyone. Welcome back. Let’s take a moment to recenter and refocus from our day. Coming to a nice, comfortable seated position, you can make sure that the spine is nice and long, nice and tall, really rising up through the crown of the head, relaxing the shoulders, the arms down by your side. Take a nice, full, deep breath in, and full cleansing exhale out. From here, maybe softening the eyes or just taking a soft gaze out in front of you. Continue to notice the natural rhythm of your breath and your breathing. Notice the quality of your inhales and your exhales.

Then when you’re ready, again, either softening the eyes completely or taking that soft gaze, we’ll start to expand our breath together, starting with a nice, full inhale breathing in for three, two, one. Holding the breath at the top and exhaling out the breath, three, two, one. Good. And continuing that breath, full inhale, three, two, one. Notice if you can rise through the crown of the head on your inhales. Exhale, three, two, one. Soften the shoulders. Soften the arms down by your sides. Good. One more time together, three, two, one, full breath in. Exhale three, two, one, full breath out. And continue this rhythm, this pattern of breathing on your own, maybe bringing to your awareness that intention that you set for our grounding exercise.

Or perhaps something that was said during the summit that truly resonated with you. Whatever that one thing may be, bring that back fully to your awareness and take another full breath into that intention, really allowing the mind to focus just on that one thing. We’ll take a nice full sip of air to expand on that intention. Full exhale to release and let go. Then bring your hands together to meet at heart center. You can bow the chin slightly towards the heart, and take one more full breath in, full breath out. I hope this intention keeps you recentered and refocused for the remainder of our day. Thank you.


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