Mini Yoga Session


Mini yoga session

Kiara returns to round out the first half of Day 2 with guided breath work. This will help us restore our focus and create balance where we need it.

Video Transcript

Hi everyone, thank you for joining me again today. Let’s start our day with a balancing breath technique called Nadi Shodhana, alternate nostril breathing. Alternate nostril breathing is really great to balance the right and left hemispheres of the brain. It’s really great to clear your energy channels and to help rejuvenate you for the day we have ahead.

Starting off, I’ll demonstrate, if you’d like, you can take your right hand just in front of your face. Just relaxing the left hand down by your side. We’ll be using the pinky and thumb of your right hand. Bringing it closer to your face, we’ll start using the thumb to block the right nostril. You’ll take a nice, full inhale through the left, then plug the left nostril and exhale right. Another full inhale, right side, closing the right nostril exhaling left. Full inhale left, closing the left nostril, exhaling right. Full breath right, closing the right nostril, exhaling left. Inhale left, closing the left and exhaling right. Take another full breath in and continue Nadi Shodhana on your own. Keeping the eyes soft or fully closed, keeping your awareness, your attention, on that intention of balance. A few more rounds on your own.

And after your last one on the left side, go ahead and release your hands down into your lap. Palms can face upward. Take a nice full breath in and full breath out. Maybe noticing the difference, noticing that balance. And bringing your hands together to meet at heart center, we’ll take another inhale in together. Full breath out, you can release it with a sigh. And maybe bowing your chin slightly in towards your heart. This is Nadi Shodhana, alternate nostril breathing. You can take this breath technique at any point throughout your day when you’d like to come back to a state of balance. Thank you.


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