Mini yoga session for improved focus and productivity part 1


Mini yoga session

Yoga and meditation can be transformational, even in just a few minutes. Join Kiara as she leads us in a meditation exercise meant to ground us physically and mentally, for the day ahead.

Video Transcript

Hi everyone. I’m Kiara, Certified Yoga Instructor, Reiki Healer, and Life Coach based here in Phoenix, Arizona. I’ll be guiding you through our mini yoga sessions throughout the summit, starting first with a mindful grounding activity.

Go ahead and come to stand, if it’s accessible for you today or if you choose to take a seat, make sure your feet are flat on the ground. If you choose to come to stand, let’s take a moment to shift the weight forward and back through the feet, really feeling all four corners of the feet and then grounding down through all 10 of your toes. You can take a nice, full inhale in, bringing the shoulders up by the ears, exhaling to roll the shoulders back and shining the palms forward, for mountain pose Tadasana.

Taking another full breath in and full exhale out. Just being to notice the quality of your breath. See if you can smooth out each inhale and each exhale, and then bring your awareness to your heart space. Take a moment while focusing on your breath, to set an intention for the summit. Anything that comes to mind that resonates with you in this moment.

And with another full inhale in, and full exhale out. Send that exhale to your feet. Notice as each time you breathe out, if you can send that intention down through the feet, almost like roots growing into the earth, really planting the seed of intention for the summit. I’ll give you a few moments to breathe and exhale to watch those roots grow.

With your next inhale in, bring your hands to meet at heart center and we’ll take a full breath in together. Big exhale out. Let it go with sigh. Bringing that intention now back to your heart space. You can bow the chin slightly in towards the heart. One more full inhale and full exhale.

Carry this intention with you throughout the day. Perhaps write it down and take a moment to breathe into it at any point that you need throughout the summit. I’ll touch base with you again later to see if that intention has shifted or grown.


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