B.J. Moore

Executive Vice President and CIO

B.J. Moore is executive vice president and chief information officer for Providence, one of the largest health systems in the U.S. The two business units under B.J.’s leadership, Information Services and Real Estate Strategy and Operations, enable Providence to achieve its vision of health for a better world. This includes building, deploying, and managing the applications, tools and technology that supports the experience and productivity of 120,000 caregivers and, ultimately, the health outcomes for patients. The Real Estate Strategy and Operations work focuses on developing health in communities by managing and optimizing physical real estate assets, leveraging technology for increased sustainability, innovation and improving caregiver and patient experience.

B.J. has an extensive background in leading initiatives and partnering with world-class organizations for digital transformation, enterprise cloud services, strategic planning, and operational strategy and analysis, as well as in guiding large-scale projects and teams. He holds multiple CIO and leadership awards, and has previously served in multiple executive leadership roles at Microsoft.

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