Dominic Price

Work Futurist

Born to Joy in the harsh Manchester Winter of 77, Dominic Price’s career has reached far and wide through Europe, the US and Asia PAC. 

An accomplished TED speaker, Dom is proud to work at Atlassian, the home of the most intelligent t-shirt wearers in business. As resident work futurist, Dom is the in-house “team doctor,” helping Atlassian scale by being ruthlessly efficient and effective, and spends more than half his time assisting customers with navigating transformation, agility, and the future of work. Dom helped pioneer Atlassian’s Team Playbook and has a deep passion for the understanding of teamwork and the changes we need to make today to build thriving businesses.

He has previously been the GM Program Management for a global gaming company and a Director of Deloitte. A keen traveler, Dom has traversed over 50 countries so far, but after 17 years on these shores, he calls Australia home.

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