Event agenda

Learn from visionary experts and business leaders in our series of keynote talks, breakouts and networking sessions. Most sessions will include live Q&A with speakers, so you can have your questions answered by the best in DEX.

Format: Keynote

Day 1

11:35 am


Conventional wisdom holds that companies are dependent on their best people. But with the bulk of the global workforce on the front lines, this is changing—organizations will now stand or fall based on the performance of the typical employee, not just the strongest performers at the head office. How do we build our teams and engage our people in a way that embraces this new reality? 

Malcolm Gladwell

Keynote Speaker

Day 1

4:06 pm


How do we, as employees and organizations, get better at change, so that it’s a “muscle” we use every day? Atlassian’s resident work futurist, Dominic Price, will discuss how we can influence our people, technology and work practices to drive transformation. He’ll share how Atlassian created the open-source Atlassian Team Playbook, a set of resources for addressing common team challenges, and how teams have since used it to drive their own improvement and adapt their ways of working to our new realities.

Dominic Price

Work Futurist

Day 2

11:36 am


When Hilton developed a cross-functional team to reshape the company’s employee experience, they knew that experience would have to work for an array of different workers, from frontline guest services to corporate leadership. Find out where they landed and what they learned along the way.

Erica Cary


Day 2

12:45 pm


In the era of digital transformation, how can HR departments transform to be people-focused, rather than process focused? Michelle DiTondo, former CHRO for MGM Resorts, sits down with Rey Bouknight, strategic advisor at SocialChorus, to discuss the keys to fostering a culture of inclusion, making employees feel like they belong, and moving beyond diversity training to a true behavioral shift.

Michelle DiTondo

Avion, MGM

Rey Bouknight